Ibekso Sampled Instrument



Ibekso Sampled Instrument (Ibksi) is meant to be used as a template for building sampled instruments with JUCE 6.x framework. It is meant to be open source, it means you can access the source code and contribute to the project on Github: https://github.com/ibekso/ibkSampledInstrument.


As Ibksi is meant to be a template, it will continue evolving and will try to reamin as modular as possible. The next features will be:

  • multimsampling support
  • add FXs
  • UI improvments
  • generic installation setup


Building sources

So far there is not automatic installer for Ibksi, you have to build the source through the Projucer.

Setup samples directory

To setup your samples directory, you have to modify the samplesDir variable in the UtilsFiles.h –> createSamplesInputStream()[L15] so it points to the folder where you store your samples.

By default, it is set as a regular MacOS installation at the following destination: Library/Application Support/Ibekso/ibkSampledInstrument/Samples/.

auto samplesDir = juce::File::getSpecialLocation (juce::File::commonApplicationDataDirectory)
                        .getChildFile ("Application Support")
                        .getChildFile ("Ibekso")
                        .getChildFile ("ibkSampledInstrument")
                        .getChildFile ("Samples");

Integrate your samples

To integrate your own samples, you have 2 different options:

  1. Name your sample os_synth.wav
  2. Modify the its name in PluginProcessor.cpp –> createSamplesInputStream() [L37].
std::unique_ptr<juce::AudioFormatReader> audioReader (wavFormat.createReaderFor (createSamplesInputStream ("os_synth.wav").release(), true));

Please note that only .wav files and one shot sampling are supported as of v0.1.0.

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